Backup & Disaster

Backup & Disaster

Chances are you believe your company is already protected from a disaster by undertaking regular backups. However, a major disaster could have a massive impact on your business, so it's essential that you check and constantly update your processed and infrastructure to ensure that you stay effectively covered should the worst happen.

At Unit 5, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure that if disaster strikes (eg. power cut, cyber attack, flood or fire) you'll be back up and running as soon a possible to limit any disruption to your business.

A solution that fits your business

We appreciate every company is different so we work closely with our clients to identify their requirements and consider all aspects of their business before compiling a bespoke solution for them.

What are the benefits of a disaster recovery solution?

  • Reduce risk of downtime
  • Minimise risk in loss of service
  • Cost saving protection
  • Peace of mind

What does a typical disaster recovery solution include?

We will work with you to put processes and procedures in place to ensure the entire business is backed up at regular intervals avoiding any major disruption should a disaster occur. This would usually include emails, mobile and desktop devices to ensure that your data is quickly recovered and your staff are able to continue to work, remotely if necessary.

Backup Solutions

At Unit5 we would typically advise our customers to implement a cloud backup solution rather than an on-site solution as this offers additional protection against the wide range of possible disasters that could impact your business. However, we also appreciate that this solution isn't suitable for everyone, with onsite solutions perhaps being necessary if you have a large requirement for data upload and speed s of the essence. We help you to make the right decisions.

If you are looking to implement or improve your current backup and disaster procedures, we would be happy to talk through your requirements and recommend a solution that ensures your data is safe, compliant and protected, thus giving you peace of mind in the event of any disaster.

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