Virtual IT Department

Virtual IT Department

Using a virtual IT service is a cost-effective solution that can act as your very own IT Department. At Unit5 Tech we can manage all of your IT requirements at a fraction of the cost of a full-time on-site technician.

What is a virtual IT department?

Setting up a virtual IT department involves outsourcing all of your IT needs to a company that is always on hand to help so that as issues arise they can be fixed quickly and efficiently on a remote basis. 

We understand that one of the key struggles experienced by a growing business involves ensuring that the correct level of IT support is available. Initially, you might try to handle this by yourself which is sustainable for a period of time. However, this will eventually result in inefficiency and sub-optimum performance because you are not always able to identify or focus on the keyareas that require attention. At this point, it's time to off-load some of the work to a specialist provider, and that's where Unit5 Tech fills the gap.

Whether you are looking to use our IT services on an ad-hoc basis or would like to join us on a monthly retainer, our experts will be on hand to provide you with any support you require. We could be your sole IT team or we can work closely with your in-house team to handle those more speciality requirements that you are unable to address through the deployment of internal resource.

We know IT is important to every business (large or small) and our experts will strive to be an instrumental and indispensable part of your team, whether in the office or remotely. Whatever level of support you require from us, we can provide you with the exact service package you need.

Interested in getting your own virtual IT Department? 

Using us as your virtual I.T. department, we will undertake all necessary work for one all-encompassing and competitive price. So talk to us today and get the services and features of a full IT team at just a fraction of the cost of an in-house resource.

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